Mrs Adam – that usurps Husband’s God given roles and authority?

Mrs Abram – that injects human idea into God’s plans for the husband?

Mrs Moses – who would not follow and flow with husband’s life-calling and ministry assignment?

Mrs Isaac – that manipulates husband, scheming among own children, injecting conflicts to rob child of birthright?

Mrs Lot – that keeps silent during uncle-nephew business conflicts, allowing heart-breaks among extended family, indirectly encouraging in-laws’ squabbles and rivalry?

Mrs Job – that quits when it mattered most because of husband’s tests, trials & calamities?

Mrs. Samson/ Ms Delilah – that betrays her man, giving up family secrets to outsiders for her man’s destruction?

Queen Esther – who risks her life and used her husband’s position of influence to conduct ministry that saves generations?

Mrs Abigail Nabal – who has more respect for men outside and despises her own man at home. She flirts and is ready to kill her own with words. She uses valuable words on the Davids out there, but destructive words for the "foolish" husband at home. When she finally remarries she finds out that the foolish husband is actually better than a never-at-home, always at war-new-husband who immediately marries other wife or wives.

Mrs Boaz, Ms Ruth – that injects herself into a needy man’s world, ending up in enhancing the man and Christ’s generational lineage? Some have made her a bad name, as one who stick-to-death with one husband. They cannot see themselves sticking to one man or one husband for better and for worse. They only look-out and stick-up as long as it is better and acceptable to friends and family?

Mrs Priscilla Acquillah – who had a good husband-wife balance, was receptive to God’s will and TOGETHER with her man did all that was necessary to fulfill Godly assignments and the great commission?

Mrs Mary Joseph – Mother of JESUS who endured ridicule of extra-marital but divine pregnancy, who remained with her man, baring more children, regardless that she could have held on to the acclaim and prominence of the ministry of JESUS her son.

Many would emotionally abandon the husband to care for children and grandchildren. But, she did not abandon the man who stood his ground with her when she needed it foremost?

Maybe there are more examples that you prefer from scriptures. But, please tell me, what kind of a wife are you???

May God grant more women the grace to endure and enjoy with their own man. And may more wives be endued with the wisdom necessary to make adjustments and changes, so as to be a fulfilled God-desired married woman, in JESUS name. Amen.

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