The Gospel Is Much More Than Grace!

After JESUS saved Mary by Grace, he also preached her a HOLINESS message, titled, Go & Sin No More, then days down the line, he subjected her to DELIVERANCE ministrations during which seven devils came out of her. In other words, she had Salvation by Grace, she was subject to Kingdom Messages about Kingdom practices, and then she received a separation from the previous powers that kept her helplessly bound to kingdom of darkness practices.

Be not deceived by Grace Merchants who keep people at the kingdom-access-door which was truly made available by Grace, and then they stop them short of DOING kingdom ACTS. Remember that ACTS or actions of the Apostles were important and recorded in the Bible for examples that Christian faith is not just about fancy-talks, but much more also about accomplishments of practices and deeds of FAITH?

Grace indeed gives blood-bought access into Christ’s kingdom. But then, just as JESUS Christ’s kingdom on earth truly has new-creation liberties, and so does it also have corresponding guidelines and responsibilities too. Grace merchants continue to swell heads of many demon—inflicted people, without circumcising their hearts and administering them deliverance and a chance at HOLINESS, without which the Bible says no man shall see the Lord.

The next level for today’s body of Christ is a shift from convincing and mesmerizing talking to living out our “easy” talks. Some call it walking your talk! Meaning that you DO what you preach. Believers are expected to be WITNESSes who preach what they are living-out, not just what someone else is expected to live-by. By continuing in God’s word, through kingdom practices of faith, devotion, obedience, and corporate anointing, more deliverances can be ensured.

Let’s pray: “Father Lord, I give you praise and glory for counting me worthy to benefit from your Grace. I submit myself to love and adore you. Please help me to not just be a hearer of your words, but a doer also. By my kingdom life and practices, please help me to record faith-accomplishments for your glory, in JESUS name I prayed, Amen. “

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