Bible faith is not hideous
Bible faith is bold and courageous
Bible faith does not cringe because of criticisms and persecutions.

In a world that is full of wickedness, unrighteousness and darkness, light-bearing faith always become the suspect. The gentility of the faithful becomes trampled upon, creating mega-fear for those who dare to follow suit.

Quietly professed faith is always fished out and embarrassingly intimidated in public fora because the enemy of Bible faith has more than physical eyes. The more the faithfuls relent on public profession, because of fear of vulnerability, the quieter the saving truths of heaven gets. Hence the more the faithfuls compromise on boldness and courage, the more chances that anti-faith forces enlarges and poisonously harass all.

So who do we ask about vulnerability of publicly professed faith in the Bible? Is it Abram that was not known publicly for his positions of Faith in a God that was not the popular God? Or was it Daniel who served in high position of government that cringed from expressing his faith in the midst of opposing mean, wicked & powerful men? As unstable as Peter was, did he not face up to major vulnerability in the face of those who could have ordered him executed?

So by stating my mind publicly on what I believe, by sharing my convictions on what others considered unacceptable but which I believe is God's valid words, I make myself vulnerable to condemnation and attacks? And so what? I would rather be bold confessing what I believe, than remaining silent and watch my world rot-away in lies and unbelief. I believe it is better that I miss a few steps while trying to follow Godly ways, than be politically correct with people all the time, while misrepresenting the God that I confess as Lord.

So what says thou? Are you in FAITH all the way with God in Christ JESUS? Or, are you one of those engaging in hypocritical measures? Are you in the spotlight of Faith, just a bystander, passive onlooker or just in it for the merriment?

Someone needs to arise in FAITH and say: "Dear JESUS Christ, grant me boldness to state publicly what I believe. Help me to help others by the understanding of your words that I have. I understand that you saved me, so I can be your tool to save others. I receive inner strength to act publicly in accordance to my Biblical beliefs. In JESUS name, I prayed. Amen & amen!"

Being A Star Witness: Telling Your Christ Story In A Perverse World - Bishop Ola Elujoba

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