Understanding & Enjoying Marriage 1

"Finding a wife/husband (not girl/boyfriend) is WORK that must be prayerfully engaged in by the diligent. Keeping the marriage WORKING is thereafter an endeavor for those who understand that they have a CROSS to carry committedly to the end. The cross may be heavy or light, but it is nevertheless a cross. Expecting a bed of roses or "happily ever after" is for those who build castles in the air. WORK AT YOUR MARRIAGE!" - Olanrewaju Elujoba


The sins of Adam & Eve based on Genesis 3:1-7

The sins of Adam
1. Dereliction of protective duty – nowhere to be found when his home was being infringed upon
2. Refuse to wade off third-party intrusions , exposing Eve & the family to dangers & harm
3. Falls to emotional manipulation & influence (nagging, tantrums & tears) of Eve as against better judgments in his head.
4. Gets too busy with work at the detriment of the home
5. Loves to live by bread (how to survive) and not by every word that proceeds from God
6. Blames God for every action or inaction of Eve, forgetting that God clearly puts him IN CHARGE
7. He is too weak to include Eve in his job description - leading Eve was meant to be WORK too!

The sins of Eve
1. Loves to allow and give room for third party information that detrimentally affects her home
2. Gives more thought than necessary to external opinions (listens beyond what is necessary)
3. Assumes she has capacity to manage things more than she should
4. She thinks the leadership decisions of the man at home are not sufficient. She always believes and relies on the expert out there, than the husband at home.
5. She discusses issues to detrimental levels, does not know when to stop negative discussions
6. She will be deceived to take damaging measures while trying to provide for the home to eat
7. She is overtly enticed by touch and the other carnal senses
8. She is easily manipulated & acts based on well coined, rhymed words, which she loves to try & check out to her disadvantage.
9. She insists and acts on what seemed good in her own eyes, without submitting first to her man
10. She would invest in what she trusts to make her wiser in the home
11. She uses emotions to influence her home by un-clarified wrong judgment. Her emotions are all about see, feel, mood, hurt or love, with which she sets her home in wrong motions.
12. She attracts great sweating, laboring, dislocation for the family and herself.


Some differences in uniqueness of man & woman
Man was made with work on his mind, while the woman was made with relationship on her mind

Man is more concerned about being there for his own family, the woman is also interested in the family she is coming from and would love to keep them in the family budget

Man is interested in resting and relaxation at home, but the woman sees home also as a work place. Cooking, washing, cleaning, caring for all, is BIG WORK, but the man is hardly aware of that

Man will typically keep family matters away from work; but the woman loves to discuss family matters at work place

Man naturally wants to be in front & first to be reckoned with, the woman naturally prefers to operate from behind the scene

The Godly home versus the worldly home

A Godly husband is naturally a priest, protector and provider for the family while the Godly wife also love to be secured, covered, shielded and cared for while she naturally returns love, affection, care and submission.

In the worldly home, each seeks to take as much as they can take from the other; in the Godly home each seeks to put in as much as each can put in for the other.

In the worldly home, husband plays only masculine “husband” role, wife also plays only the feminine “wifely” role. In the Godly home, the roles are interwoven and interchangeable, there is mixed roles.

In the worldly homes, each own things separately, in the kingdom, you can hardly separate ownership of the “commonwealth.”

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