COMING UP - Word Of Victory Series - A Test Video Message & Recording

A Test Video Introduction to forthcoming Word Of Victory Series!

Though life is a battle ground, yet we have the spiritual promise and potential to overcome opposing situations and circumstances because of the life of God that is available to the believer in Christ JESUS.

1 John 5:4-5 tells us that we overcome by faith.
And 1 John 5:11-12 tells that the same divine life in Christ JESUS is available in believers to conquer life battles.

In John 16:33 JESUS himself prepared our minds that we would have tribulations in this world. But He said we should be of good cheers, because He has overcome on our behalf. Though we are spiritual overcomers, yet it takes a Biblical process to enjoy physical victory.

It is a known fact that every one from Adam, Abram, Moses, Noah, Nehemiah, to Apostle Paul and others in the Bible, engaged in certain, deliberate, faith-full actions or processes to produce physical victories.

Many need to realize that victory does not happen automatically. Victory is not prayers, though it thrives by prayers. Victory is not about religious activities, though such can enhance it. We win victories through responsible acts of faith. Faith should not be misconstrued as belief. Belief is an acceptable sets of knowledge and understanding. Belief is an anticipation of a possibility while Faith is the actual bold step, action plan and strategic undertakings that gets the real result. Faith overlooks opposition, underestimate physical facts, and aims to achieve above what is mitigating. Faith takes calculated risky steps because of trusts in God's intervention, even when facts refutes its possibility.

So Victory is a product of physical engagement of physically known battle, using unseen spiritual tools. Just like scientists use oxygen, hydrogen, radiations, WiFi and other unseen elements of nature to produce advances in science and  technology, so also spiritually victorious people in JESUS Christ should use unseen resources of God, to overcome daily battles and life's challenges.

By faith, victory is possible over that strained marital relationship.
By faith, victory is possible over diseases, sicknesses, sins, and unrighteousness.

By faith, courageous steps can be taken to turn any undesired situation around into anticipated miracle.

In Christ JESUS, we are overcomers indeed! That should not remain ONLY a spiritual reality, it should be a physically manifesting testimony in every department of a believer's life too.

Depending on areas of need for victory, there will be need to step out with confidence in God, engage people, deploy good pride, aim right through fears, march with winning attitudes and diligently fight spiritual battles of faith like David, and others in scriptures. We ought to fight spiritual fights of faith, like apostle Paul, until every militating situations around us are overcome.

By true FAITH, we can overcome. We overcome because God already predestined us to VICTORY. We just need to learn to align our action plans with His will so that the victory may no longer be in the spiritual realm. Your victory shall manifest at last, in JESUS name. Amen.

Someone needs to pray: Lord JESUS, I thank you for the victory that you secured for me at Calvary. Regardless of the spiritual reality of what you attained on my behalf, yet there are certain situations and circumstances that mitigate against what your word says about me. I choose to disregard such audacious realities and facts. I choose to trust your words that assures me of victory in the areas of my need. Help me Lord to act in true faith, until your promises becomes physical benefits to me. Thank you Lord because you answer prayers. I begin my rejoicing ahead of the physical manifestation. And, I thank you because, what I trust you to have, shall be manifest indeed. In JESUS name, I prayed. Amen.

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