I am who I am because of faith!
I am what I am because of faith!
I am where I am because of faith!
I am heading where I am because of faith in CHRIST JESUS!

Everyone is an accumulation of what they fed on. Everyone's level of faith corresponds with what they have been fed with. What anyone becomes tomorrow depends on what they feed on today. Everyone is a product of the food, balanced or unbalanced, rich or junk, timely or untimely diets that they feed on.

People who feed on News become very analytic & very critical. They assess life from the prisms and based on the kind of news they feed on. The one that relies on Fox News behaves like the channel. Likewise the one that relies on CNN reacts to life circumstances like CNN. The ones that feed on MSNBC reflect MSNBC-like lifestyle. And so on and so forth for all news channels of our world.

The Church world is not different. Everyone is a reflection of the utterances & influences of their Papa(s) or Mama(s) in the Lord. I am who I am because of whom I chose to feed on. I got tired of regurgitating faith that was based on human wisdom. And so decided to live my life out of the pages of His Holy Words.

I was privileged to have fed on biblical messages of faith that reformed my worldview. It was a privilege to have had my initial spiritual reflections and admonitions from those who pointed directly to JESUS and not themselves. They showed us from the pages of the Bible what true gospel was. Though times have changed and remains changing, the only thing I allow to change me, is fresh revelations from God's word and not man's incomplete viewpoints.

Everyone is a product of the genes they fed on. The first feeding point was from generational genes. When every father and mother did what they did to produce a pregnancy, the first thing that happened to their developing embryos was that the winning spermatozoa fed on the parents' genes.The strongholds of parental/societal genes can only be altered when subjected to JESUS Christ genes. I chose not to live only by my genes but also by His re-gene-ration. It is my belief that life in Christ is not about national traditions, segregationist cultures and indoctrinated biological attitudes. I try to live differently from my physical temperament by yielding to the Controls of the Holy Spirit.

So I am whom I am because of faith. Faith that is based on God's words and the interpretations of the Holy Spirit. How about you? How are you living your life?

Someone needs to pray & say: "Lord JESUS, I want to live my life to please you. Help me to find your word and your voice of truth alone. I desire to be like you. I give you permission to reconfigure me as you please. Help me to live the life of faith that you wished. Help me to live by faith in your word only. In JESUS name I prayed. Amen." - Bishop Ola Elujoba

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