Redeeming the Land Is A Primary Christian Duty!

Do you know that when the first man sinned, the consequence was a devastated land and territory? The environment became thorny, thistle-growing, and sweat-demanding. Surrounding atmosphere suffers when a man is negligent of God’s will. When the first woman sinned, her offspring suffered for it. The attacks that children suffer are consequent on mothers’ failures. When a mother lack submission to God-instituted authority, she suffers, her children are subject to easy spiritual attacks, and then, the next generation is in jeopardy. At least we can deduce that much from Adam and Eve’s story in the book of Genesis.

When men serve God’s will, it makes the environment/land/territory conducive for the woman to function well. When women serve God in submission to God established masculine authority, the family and society benefit tremendously. A sinning husband creates an uncomfortable environment (or land) that distorts a wife’s ability to optimally function. A sinning wife opens the door for demonic attacks on the home and the entire household, and, her man’s ability to strategically win territories is diminished. A praying, righteous, or loving husband creates the positive ambiance for even the most rebellious wife to have a change of mind. And a praying, righteous, or submissive wife can soon win the belligerent husband back.

When we understand these Biblical fundamentals, then we can talk about the land territory where families ought to function effectively in. Most wars today are tribal cum religious battles to own lands and territories. For the most part, wars are grounded in religious beliefs and territorial/cultural orientations. Whether it is Ife/Modakeke, Russia/Ukraine, Iran/Iraq/Sudan, ISIL/ISIS, or Boko Haram/Nigeria, almost all wars derive from spiritual beliefs or cultural ideologies. So how are Christians not aware that these are types and shadows of the Christian-assigned land –salvaging spiritual warfare?

The Christian calling is primarily to conduct spiritual warfare backed with physical efforts to create or recreate Godly land territories! How can the believer not know that the duty after his/her redemption is to take care of the land or the territory where he finds himself or herself, just as God initially intended with Adam and Eve? How can the believer be deceived that Church is only for survival, and selfish cravings? Adam’s only duty before having to maintain headship of the marital union was to care for the land, territory, city, nation, or the “garden.”

The power of the Holy Spirit given to believers in Christ was for becoming witnesses. Becoming witnesses was for spiritual and physical reclaiming of “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost part of the earth.” It was not for boasting about crowd-gathering prowess! Christ JESUS did not say go ye into all the world and show-off your wealth and materialism. He said to go into demographic units, influence mind renewals which can translates into an organized, well-maintained “gardens” or societies. When souls are saved, their territories also ought to be saved and secured for the “kingdom” of our Lord.

We are not called to blend into sinful territories and lifestyles, we are rather called to “stand-out”and show by a Godly, Christ-like difference, that Christ’s ruler-ship in one’s personal life, is what our neighbors and society needs, and, which they should be taught to imbibe too. Church is not a selfish-need meeting place. It should be a training center for people to learn to reclaim their faith, finance, family and the territory where they need to optimally function under God. Each person, each family unit, each believing community, progressively functioning as God’s leading light would ultimately reproduce an earth of God’s initial plan. Let’s do it! It starts with me and my sphere of influence. How about you?

Pray! My Lord and my God, I release myself into your able hands. Make me a functioning Christ-like unit that influences others and my immediate territories for your glory. In JESUS name! Amen!

Being A Star Witness: Telling Your Christ Story In A Perverse World - Bishop Ola Elujoba

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