Faith is the ability to pursue the unseen and un-achieved as if it exists or as if it is going to be a reality. In like manner, fear is a pursuit of the invincible even when it is on FALSE premise. It is so much easier to live by fear than it is to live by faith. Chasing after expected result that has physical proofs of possibility is no act of faith, it is rather an act of anticipation. Many confuse anxiety and worries of anticipation as being same as Faith.

Faith is more than acknowledgement of God and what He can do. Faith is more about what I choose to do or not to do. I do some things because it is in line with my belief. I choose not to do some things because it can counteract my belief. True faith is anchored on what God said is possible and not just what I feel is possible. I may feel that something is possible with God and God may not be interested in doing that thing. True faith does not force God to do what he did not initiate. Faith is not a feeling, it should be a conviction. My level of faith is in direct proportion to the sum total of truths of God words that I ever fed on and/or experienced. Faith is what I do in response to what I believe God intends to do.

Fear is often a negative pursuit based on uncertainty that is fueled by concerns, lies and false appearances. Running to God because of fears is not Faith. Running from God towards fears is Faith! Faith is fueled by spiritual facts just as much as fear is driven by physical facts. My fears are indications of areas where I have shortfalls of faith. Fears can be real and true indications of imminent danger. Fears cannot be taken lightly or easily wished away. However, the Christian life is about using powers of faith to quell poisons of fears. I know that it is easier for people to feed into fears than it is to feed into faith.

I refuse to be intimidated by fears! I choose rather to intimidate my fears by my faith in Christ! What about you? What do you say?

Someone needs to say boldly "Lord JESUS, I tap into your resources of faith. I receive the enabling power of the Holy Spirit to overcome my fears. I overcome fears by faith in Christ JESUS and His words.. I choose to live by faith and not by my fears. In JESUS name I prayed, amen" - Bishop Ola Elujoba

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