In Pursuit Of Significance!

A significant life is more than eating & drinking

It is more than getting married & having children

It is more than attending church meetings & engaging in churchy activities.
It is more than sleeping & waking up.
It is more about living out the very essence of your being.

Significant people are problem solvers who dare odds.

 They have mindsets of making so-called impossible, possible.

 They live above raw animalistic instincts.

They are originals and not a clone or copy of others.

That is why:
Significant life is more than pursuit of relevance, it is all about being the best at your innermost strength

It is about being useful to oneself
It is about being useful to other people
It is about being useful to God

There is always a good reason for a significant life!!

Here is what someone pursuing significance  would say:

I have a dream to realize & to fulfill,
 For that reason, I rise up to work
  For that reason, I get up from bed to face each new day
 For that reason, I confront problems & solve them by God's help
 For that reason,  I overcome Satan and his evil works with God on my side

For that reason, I am not bothered by
"what will people say?

 I will not die, until I fulfill purpose
  I will not die, until my significance is attained

There is no need for the rat-race of relevance!

Pursue purpose! Pursue significance!

   © Olanrewaju Elujoba (June 8, 2011)

How Significant People Profit!

1.      They seek, search for and research people’s problems for which they are uniquely, peculiarly, designed, created or destined to solve.
2.      They create different means of solving people’s problems. The problem-solving-means becomes products, that are readily available when those needing solutions come requesting for it.
3.      They make (improve, develop, mould, form) themselves into “the person that people want to solve their problems.
4.      They find (look for, locate, walk up to) the people who are in need of their problem-solving products.
5.      They give their product a packaging that is acceptable to people in need of it.
6.      They seek and take effective charge of platforms that encourage purchase of their products.
7.      When requested to speak on their product(s), they deliberately make proper presentations or speeches that encourage others to buy into their products.
8.      They promote their product(s) – people who need your talent, skill, service or product will not buy it except they know where to find you or the product readily.
9.      They put value and a price tag on their products.
10.  They know how to profit from their solution-providing programs.

For continuity & increasing profit, Significant people:
1.      Repackage themself periodically
2.      Repackage their products (or service)  from time to time
3.      Increase the no of times their products are offered up for purchase
4.      Increase distribution points where their products are available for purchase
5.      Recruit more people who can effectively push their product together with them 

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