There are different points of dedication, consecration and altars:
personal altar, family altar, generational altar, community altar, territorial altars, national altars.

Altar is a place where supernatural power is invoked to meet with and cross-exchange with the natural. Altar is a place of submission where real worship transpires. Altar is a place where an object is served as God, or God is served as God. Altar is a place of routines and/or rituals. Altar is a place of supernatural engagements.

Altars can be physical, geographical, or subliminal in a person.

It can be in a church location or in a specified place in the home. It can be a city monument or in a spot or corner around a house. It can be at the entrance of a restaurant or in secret locations of the woods or a jungle. It could be the seat of government, or embedded in a popular celebrity figure. It could be an altar of personal indulgences, or it could be ingrained in an entertainment medium like music or movies. It can be a directly approached religious ceremonial, or it can simply be an alluring event, casual ceremony or by demonic-dancing, drinking, smoking & partying.

An altar can be consciously or sub-consciously built around anything that is deeply liked, thoroughly loved or worshiped. It is a physical or non-geographical place where spiritual (light or darkness) cross-exchanges are made. Altar is a place of idolatry where affection due to the Almighty God is disrespectfully ascribed to another lesser thing or one.

I was thinking on the Bible verse of Luke 5:17 where JESUS was present with power for those present, but none of those present tapped in, until someone more daring, broke (protocol) the roof and converted the available power for personal use. So the question is, how can I be so surrounded with anointing, yet be without personal breakthrough? How can I have JESUS with me, yet my troubles remain with me? Why would I sit in religious ceremonies and watch while another come in to take what I could have had for myself all-along? I personalize the questions, not because its only for me. I did so because I put myself in the shoes of those present with JESUS in that scripture, who for some reason could not exchange their natural inadequacies for divinely enabled turnarounds. People tend to get carried away with spiritual entertainment that they are not rightly altered by truly divine altars.

The only person who got anything in that Bible account is the one who paid the price to break into God's divine flow while disregarding traditional eye-serving flows.I know of many people who do not believe that any more price needs to be paid in Christ. I believe such are under illusions that God is going to fix messes here on earth without using men and women. Or that even if God will use men or women, then it cannot be they themselves, it will be an easy ride, without "personal cost" to the one used by God. Many are waiting endlessly for whom God will use and are not willing to submit themselves as the one God should use. If that man and his team did not dare the religious altars sitting around JESUS and break their ceilings, life would have remained pitiful and paralyzed as always.

Then my mind switched to Judges 6:1-40 where Gideon had a conversation with God's messenger. The first duty he undertook after that encounter was to destroy altars that did not serve as God's altar. Gideon did exploits with just one revelations from God's angel. Then I thought like I did above, how can I have such revelations from God and not be able to do anything physical about overcoming widespread oppression and obsessions all around me? The answer is that nothing Godly can stand the test of time until evil altars are abolished or in worst-case scenario minimized. Without "fighting" evil altars of our territories, we cannot have territorial victories for Godly values.

Just as physical governments fight evil empires on a daily basis, so much more is expected of Christ believers to "fight" evil altars that mars the images of Christ-likeness in our landscapes. Otherwise, we shall continue to grumble and complain about, and "pray" to or "prophecy" by, God, and, pursuing selfish-interests, like Gideon, before the vision that made him take things upon himself to fix societal oppression.

For there to be a different outcome at God's altar, I deduced from the above scriptures that:
1. Something like obstacles, traditions or status-quo has to be broken
2. Bible Faith that takes personal responsibility has to be active
3. Fears of eye-serving public has to be confronted
4. Obedience to His Spirit and Living Words has to be completely engaged
5. Flesh and its powers has to be subdued, disgraced or made to lie low

Altar is a place where unseen presence is celebrated. It was where JESUS was. God's altar is where JESUS truly is and lives! JESUS Christ sure lives by His Holy Spirit in more than one person or place at the same time. An altar is where divine or evil presence makes exchanges with mankind. So are you conscious of transacting altars around you? Are you able to separate right altars from wrong altars? Are you unconsciously suffering for ignorance of wrong altars around you? Or are you conscious of taking advantage of the right altars around you? Remember, altars open the natural up to spiritual influences. Whether you enjoy what God already assigned to you or you let others take what was yours all along, depend on how you handle the right or wrong altars positioned around you. So, will you pray with me as follows?

Lord I ask that you help me discern and take advantage of your true altars. Help me to overcome ubiquitous influences of evil altars in my environment. Help me to destroy powers of contrary altars that beguile me. Help me to enjoy all that your altar provides for me to richly enjoy. In JESUS name, I prayed, amen!

Being A Star Witness: Telling Christ Story In A Perverse World - Bishop Ola Elujoba

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